We are a small group of people who make modifications to hardware projects
Once made, we improve them if possible and make them a product that can be available to anyone
Whoever wants to buy it for their enjoyment, we convert all those amateur hardware geniuses of soldering iron
In great protagonists with our work, we will always have the approval of the real authors of the projects
principals and we will never do anything without your prior approval.

If you are a fan of retro computing like us, be careful and take cover because RancanuoTeam
He will be observing you with X-rays and may contact you in a short time.

If you want to meet us here we are:


Expert in Electronics and soldering in SMD There is no plate to be soldered that resists him, his pulse does not tremble even with the chips
Smaller, Grand Master par excellence in 3D printing and design and that is still improving,
Every day more and better, Design Plates and Printed Circuits although we have the help of 2 computer engineers who work with
FPGA and in their spare time they lend us a hand

Jose Antonio:

Fan of Retro Computer Hardware, He does not have more equipment due to lack of space and time but he is still improving,
Jose Antonio He is in charge of the quality part of the products and the commercial part, he collaborates in certain ideas and designs
Of projects that are coming out

Members of the community in general:

All the members who are in forums, social networks, exposing your ideas showing your projects
You are part of the altruistic team, you contribute with your creations and developments of hardware, software, and your ingenuity.
The community belongs to everyone and if we are not all, we RancanuoTeam would not exist, but Hojo we are
Surveillance with x-rays